The Christ Energy

The Christ energy is both liberating and transformative. It is a creative universal energy that holds no bars in weaving everything it touches back into love. It is beyond religion, faith, culture, creed and the mind and yet encompasses them all. It is accessible to everyone once the heart is engaged in sufficient capacity. It is the ultimate healing tool. It is love in action.

My own experience of self-exploration and liberation with the Christ energy, and coaching others to awaken this energy within, is that this energy gives birth to all we want to manifest in life. It’s the true strength of the creative Universe. When one feels the call to make a change in their life, opening up to the Christ energy can be a powerful tool. This leads to an ability to access more energy, a higher vibration and becoming more magnetic to the results we aspire to in both life and business.

This energy is somewhat awakened in all people. My role is to enliven it within you and your business projects. I create and hold the space to allow stuck energy to be freed leading to a shift in vibration and magnetism towards what you want.

Charity is born of this energy. It leads us out of problems and into a group enterprise. When this energy is more fully awakened in people and organisations across the globe, we will begin to see a world that is inherently geared more towards sharing and opening up to the bigger picture.

As we start to acknowledge and awaken this energy, we tap into our natural ability to enable and empower ourselves, and those around us. When we are able to follow its leading impulse, we create enlivened leadership, businesses, and people who are driven towards the greater good.

This energy is not just for those that sit in churches or ashrams. This energy awakens in those that serve. As Sai Baba (a holy India Master) once said: “Hands that serve are holier than hands that pray”. Through the awakening of the Christ energy within each of us, we co-create a world free of division and separation.