You are so much more powerful than what you see when you look in the mirror

My job is to assist you to access who you really are!

There are fields of infinite potential at your disposal

The blockages in freedom, flow, connection and success we experience in various areas of our lives, are often situated in the unseen areas of our body, mind and energy field.

As part of our one-to-one sessions we’ll create a safe space together where you can witness those energies, while giving yourself permission to release them. A blank canvas will be created from which you can finally build the life you’ve always yearned for.

As part of our work, you can expect profound shifts in both your energy field and your physical body.

About Savitur Spiritual Healer

Savitur's mission is to empower people to open their hearts and awaken to their higher selves.

As a master energy healer, he connects deeply with his soul and combines it with a grounded, light and practical approach to healing.

Trained in person-centred counselling, Savitur creates exactly the kind of space needed to experience the 'lift and shift' you've been yearning for. By finally releasing your energy field from the past beliefs, feelings and stories it may be clogged up with, he'll guide you towards a life of limitless opportunities.

Savitur will take you on a beautiful journey where you'll reclaim the true self that lies buried underneath your anxieties, stresses and frustrations. By utilising his personal energy field as a vessel, he'll help you co-create those energetic frequencies that match the wonderful life you were always destined to live.