Manipulation versus Power!

After spending time in India with a great Master and watching her gentle effect on all those around her, light as a feather with maximum effect, no force, just a truthful love flowing from her to all those around. There seemed to be no agenda except to offer without attachment guidance and wisdom to awaken all to our own inner beauty and potential.

As a healer and spiritual teacher, I started to contemplate my own effectiveness to assist those I have the privilege to serve.

I contemplate how much power I have given away in the past when I was a young man subtly looking for security, how I have outsourced myself to others, to create safety and ultimately ended up feeling powerless and resentful.

In order to find this security, as I reflect now, I realise how unconsciously brilliant at manipulating my environment I was. Like a chameleon, ducking and diving, hiding and disguising my core wounds of worthlessness and feeling like a failure, terrified of been seen or looking too far ahead in my life and unsure of how I would find the resources I needed to have a secure abundant life.

The majority of my energy (rather than focusing within and creating the life I truly desire to live) was being sprayed all over the people in my life to get my security fix. A very different story to the Master I have just witnessed in India, where harmlessness and a radiant, relaxed, effortless inner light and joy seems to lead the way.

How can one attain this equilibrium in a busy western world? I giggled catching myself noting if she can create such peace and security in a land where many live in poverty, then we can do it too!  What’s the difference between her and us? Faith.  She has absolute faith that the universe will provide everything she needs when she needs it, rather than exerting her energy gathering people, situations and circumstances around her to feel safe.  She trusts the universe and seems to just serve who/whatever is in front of her in any given moment. There’s a noted lack of fear, which to my mind means there can only be Love.  Oh, how delicious that must be to live a life of this kind.  I know we all have feelings of love and peace in many areas, but imagine how much peace and relaxation we would feel, if like her, we had it through every area of our life.

Her power is not positional, it just is a humble flow of grace ever present, playful and innocent, joyful and sweet, needing nothing, giving everything from a seeming deep acceptance and knowingness that everything is fine. No manipulation present just peace, a unfathomable inner peace and unshakable power.

I feel inspired to increase my meditation and build my connection to the inner light and fullness of the universe that exists within. I am going to challenge myself and invite you to do the same, that no matter how subtle and justifiable the manipulation, I am going to see it as a call to action to connect and contemplate, which part of myself feels unsafe or needy and how can I bring that part of myself back to love.  Seeing the gift of manipulation in ourselves and others as a deeper call for love and connection, flipping the desire to externalise our power and exhaust ourselves into a graceful weaving of inner empowerment.

With Love from India Savitur